Living Manifesto

Mathematics has always been secondary to the great sciences. For centuries people viewed mathematics as a secondary tool in order to advance their own scientific pursuits from pythagorean ratios used by egyptian architects, to calculus measuring the deviation of an object,  to the trajectories of Napoleon’s Canon’s to nowadays modern cryptography. Society has not benefited from anything more than mathematics, yet it’s the least celebrated topics. The kids that complain about math homework, use high sophisticated computers and social networking sites to project their anger; It is hypocritical and comical at the same time. Continue reading


Cantor Sets Infinity

When we talk about infinity, what does it mean? why do certain statements like .9999...=1, or \infty+1=\infty , and so forth, make any sense?
Does \infty-\infty=0

These were all questions that someone of sound mind and interest could ask, but the answers confused me sometimes, and they still do. I am taking Mathematical Tapas, and this week’s lecture was on Cantor Set’s named after the Mathematicians Cantor, who studied different types of infinity, he unfortunately committed suicide, one of the reasons being his notions on infinity were ridiculed by the math community. Continue reading

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